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Shell Canyon/Shell Cree

As the summer comes to an end, we reflect on our first summer camping season at Shell Campground.  We are so thankful to each and every guest who chose to stay at our campground.  We feel so fortunate to be here, doing what we love and making new friends along the way.

One year ago, we were under contract to purchase the campground, and making plans for our future in Shell.  We knew this was something we really wanted for our future, but we didn’t really know what to expect.  We knew it would involve a great deal of work, but fortunately our past jobs taught us how to work 80+ hour work weeks.

Before we moved to Shell, I told alot of people how special Shell is and I used the words, “its like a little Wyoming Secret.”  Having spent almost 10 months here, I now know what the secret is.  Its a couple things–

View from FS 17 on a rainy day

Its the community!  The community has accepted us and embraced us.  The day after we closed on the campground, the phone rang. It was our next door neighbor offering to plow our parking lot.  And this was only the beginning. The community has been kind, caring and genuine toward us as well as our guests.  Countless guests have commented how the community made them feel like a local.

Mamma Moose and Calf

Its the mountains! This is probably pretty obvious, but I’ve never seen so much wildlife before moving to the Bighorn Mountains.  We love having the opportunity to explore our mountains.  There’s something really majestic about spending time in the mountains!

Shell Creek

It’s Shell Creek! Shell Creek flows through Shell Canyon, and every part of it is beautiful and unique!  Just when you think you’ve seen all of it, you find a new secret fishing hole or waterfall that takes your breath away!

So, as we wrap up our first summer camping season and prepare for our hunters and winter guests, thank you! Thank you for staying with us! Thank you for the encouraging words! Thank you for supporting us on this adventure!

Shell Creek where we stopped to fish
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2 thoughts to “The Secret of Shell Valley

  • Kathy Dubs

    Thank you Emily and Kevin!! We are glad you made the move.

    • Emily Clark

      Thanks Kathy!!


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